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New single and video ‘Just A Boy’ by ‘The Bad Tones’ out now.

The up-and-coming Latvian psychedelic rock quartet “The Bad Tones” have released a new single called “Just A Boy” along with a music video. The clip is made using VHS recordings from their childhood.

Most of the used footage is more than 15 years old and filmed by their fathers – Dedzis Andrejs Broders, Juris Levics un Uldis Ozols. Editing has been done by Pēteris Vīksna.

On 26th of August “The Bad Tones” performed in the city of Sigulda as a warm up act for “Carnival Youth”.

“The Bad Tones” was previously known as “The Pink Elepahnt” – their catalogue consists of two albums. Currently the members of the band – Edvards Broders (guitar, vocals), Rūdolfs Ozols (guitar), Alberts Levics (bass) and Kalvis Sležis (drums) – are studying music in the Netherlands. They are working on their next record that will be released early next year.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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