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Normunds Rutulis collaborates with Finnish DJ Oliver Paris and sings in English.

Normunds Rutulis is releasing a new song created in collaboration with Finnish DJ and music producer Oliver Paris. Their first collaboration is the electroswing song “LET’S SWING!” Summer and parties already wait for it!
Normunds Rutulis: “A year ago, I was approached by Latvian music producer DJ Plastic with an offer to create a melody for Finnish DJ music demo who was not yet known to me at that time. I decided to try. I called DJ Oliver Paris and agreed to start this international music project immediately. First I sang a demo without words, just the melody and phrase that came to mind at that moment. Eventually, the full form came, and lyrics was later written by Oliver’s brother IGOR, who successfully operates in the Finnish hip hop scene. As this project was not a priority, we only got to the end now. However, we are both pleased. Electroswing is a type of dance music, and although its origins can be traced back to the early 1990s, it has not gained much popularity in Latvia. We hope that with “Let’s swing!” will be able to improve its position in our music market. True, this is one of the few times I allowed myself to sing in English. But since this single is also being released in Finland today, it’s understandable. “
DJ Oliver Paris: “The audience of Riga clubs has got to know me, because sometimes I perform here with my DJ sets. I have been in club music since 1999, but in 2007 I was invited to become the DJ of concert tour by Swedish club music star Pandora. Soon after, I also started producing music. Although I grew up with rock, rock and roll and pop music, which I “absorbed” on MTV and VH1, I have established myself in club music. And I really like to build mashup mixes. My passion is music and I love different genres of music, so this time I allowed myself to experiment with an electroswing style that is quite stylish, rhythmic and danceable. I am glad that I managed to meet Normunds, because I am looking for a Latvian singer who feels equally good in pop music and swing, as well as dance music. The melody and vocal manner he created inspired a new wind for my track and now, it can be heard in Helsinki, Riga and everywhere else in the world. Let’s swing! ”
Producer and author DJ Oliver Paris
The melody was composed and sung by Normunds Rutulis
The words written by Igor Parri
Song mixmaster by Jānis Kalve (Labo recording studio)
MEL editor

MEL editor

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