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Nostalgic and personal – B OPTIMIST release song and video „Tie būsim mēs”

On October 20, rock trio B OPTIMIST release their third single „Tie būsim mēs”. It is a song from their upcoming fifth studio album which is planned to be released this late autumn. A music video for the song „Tie būsim mēs” is also out now – it is the 15th video in the band’s history.

The main idea of the song and video is the passage of time – about the way that life is rapidly passing before our eyes, and only by stopping for a moment and looking back, we can appreciate how much time, the world, and ourselves are changing. The video alternates between shots of the band members today and many years ago. The oldest shot used in this music video is from 2004. “Tie bijām mēs, tie būsim mēs” is another reminder to appreciate what we have and where we are going.


Music and lyrics: B OPTIMIST. Video: Valters Levins, Kristaps Bērziņš, Gatis Levins, Roberts Levins. Special thanks to Rihards Vecvagars. The song is available on music streaming platforms from October 20. The band is planning to play concerts at the beginning of next year, which will also coincide with the group’s 10th anniversary.

B OPTIMIST play energetic and emotional rock music in Latvian since 2013. So far B OPTIMIST have released two singles – “Akvareļos” and “Mēles” – from their upcoming fifth studio album. Before that the band released their album “Visur skan”, an acoustic album “Turpinies!” with Latvian folk song lyrics. The debut album “B OPTIMIST” was released seven years ago. It was then followed by the EP “KOPĀ”. B OPTIMIST is Valters Levins, Roberts Levins, Linards Liepa. Their music is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, Youtube, etc.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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