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osiits releases a new song “sitcoms are my favorite tv shows”

The song tells a story about the urge to rewatch the same tv shows over and over again. I often feel like a background in social interactions. All I do is listen. No one really asks me about my hobbies, interests and what genuinely goes on in my life. I don’t think that anyone really cares anyways.
Many situations have proven this fact and with every new situation I feel like I drift away from the willingness of wanting to interact with people more and more. I hope that I won’t zone myself out completely one day.

Song is not particularly about my friends, but people in general (that are in my day to day life). I simply compensate for that feeling of “incomplete” by rewatching my favorite tv shows. They just make me feel good, make me feel accepted. “I think that they don’t even know my favorite tv shows” is a statement to all of those people. That they don’t really know anything about me. Those tv shows are a huge part of me and if anyone ever wonders – the song’s title is the answer.
MEL editor

MEL editor

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