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Patriks releases single “GIVING UP” and announces his debut album’s release date

Latvian singer/songwriter Patriks has released the last single of his upcoming debut album “PENUMBRA”, which will be out on 25th of May! ‘GIVING UP’ is the fourth single of ‘PENUMBRA’, it has a retro SynthPop sound and a vintage music video shot on analog 16mm film.

‘GIVING UP’ is about holding down that thought that You are not enough in any way and running through all the doubtful emotions and experiences to tell Yourself that there will be a day You’ll find your way. The energetic 80’s synth sound gives it a lot of  drive and it works as a reminder to always look forward, even when times get tough.

As Patriks says, the upcoming debut album “PENUMBRA” is finished and it contains of 10 songs, which will  bring the listeners through an emotional rollercoaster based on a touching story from the songwriters’ personal life.

Patriks identifies with such genres as: R&B/Soul, Alternative Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Bedroom Pop, Neo Soul and others.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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