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Podruga releases a concert recording

Alternative pop band Podruga has released a socially distanced concert recording with nods to the 80s style – “PODRUGA on Tape”. The concert has been released not only online but also in a style-appropriate, long-unseen format – VHS tape.

In a colourful and visually captivating performance, the band performed not only new arrangements of fan favourite songs but also the band’s latest melancholic single “So Long”, which was at the top of LR6 Radio NABA’s Latvian music TOP10 for 8 weeks. The show also featured the premieres of compositions from the band’s upcoming new album.

The recording has been released in a very limited edition of atypical, but thematically appropriate format – VHS cassettes. The full-length recording of “PODRUGA on Tape” is also available on the band’s YouTube channel.

Podruga started in 2016 as a solo electronic music project of Alise Stefanovica. Over time, the project has developed artistic diversity, and its concept has grown to its current line-up of Alise Stefanovica (vocals, flute), Ricards Dauksts (guitar, keys), Jana Petkus (bass guitar) and Karlis Lazdovskis (drums). They have released four singles and EP “YPA!”, and have played many concerts, including at major Baltic festivals. The current line-up of Podruga creates intimate, sensual music with expressive show elements.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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