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Podruga releases new single and video „Make It Stop”

Podruga, electropop project of singer Alise Stefanoviča and guitarist Ričards Dauksts, offers their latest creation – summery and sultry single „Make It Stop”.

The song is a call to stop limiting oneself, and to experience adventures, love and all the good things that come into life with real awareness of your desires instead. “The creation of the song itself was letting go of my old patterns of songwriting and production – it is evident in unexpectedly uplifting sound. Also, after a 10-year break, I have taken up flute again, which you can hear in this piece,” says Alise Stefanoviča. “We believe that „Make It Stop” will become a great soundtrack for summer adventures!”

Music video was created by audio-visual artists Diana Lelis and Marija Mickeviča (MNTHA). The song was recorded and engineered at studio “401” in collaboration with the well-known hip-hop producer Tablis (Toms Horsts).

Podruga began her musical activities in 2016. So far, three singles and a mini-album “YPA!” have been released, as well as many concerts have been performed, including at major Baltic music festivals

MEL editor

MEL editor

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