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Podruga releases the first single and video from the upcoming album

Alternative pop band Podruga has just released the single “Don’t Let Me Down” from their upcoming album “Sextasy” coming out in September. 

The melancholic dance track is inspired by the 90’s indie electronica. Airy and liberating, it makes you tempted to follow the White Rabbit and find your own Wonderland. The first draft of the song was written by the band’s vocalist Alise, when she took all of her music equipment and went to a music writing camp in Lithuania all by herself, instinctively recording the feelings of the moment. “Then I realized I’m chasing my own White Rabbit and trusting it to lead me to a better place,” says Alise. 

The music video follows Alise’s journey to a kinky Wonderland. It features some of the brightest names in today’s Latvian art world, such as performance artist Evelīna Baha, audiovisual artist Marss The Person, and drag queen Vencheska Baltique. 

The single was recorded and produced by Edvards Broders (“The Bad Tones”) at the “Red House” studio in Riga, and mastered by Alberts Levics (“The Bad Tones”). 

“Podruga” is: Alise Stefanoviča (vocals, keyboards, flute), Ričards Dauksts (guitar, keyboards), Jana Petkus (bass guitar) and Kārlis Lazdovskis (drums). The band was formed in 2016. So far, Podruga has released five singles and EP “YPA!”, which was highly acclaimed by the Polish radio station Radio Centrum.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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