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Producer MT$ releases debut album “HOMEMADE”

Latvian producer MT$ releases his debut album “HOMEMADE”, containing nine electronic and lo-fi hip-hop tracks.

The musician, who announced himself this October with the single “Venera”, has just released a full-length album called “HOMEMADE”. It includes nine atmospherically rhythmic compositions, most of which are instrumental – the musician has combined various samples and supplemented them with guitar, bass and synthesizers, creating a unique mix of “live” and “artificial” sounds.

MT$ describes his album as follows: “Ever since I have gotten into recording, I’ve tried to understand different styles of music, and it has been difficult for me to fit into only one genre. While working on this record, I tried to turn this trait into a trump card. On this album, I’ve used samples in tandem with “live” instruments, and I think that the result is, in my opinion, some pretty interesting and unique music.”

The album “HOMEMADE” in a very unusual physical format – in the form of hot sauces. Three different flavors of sauce with a unique album download code are available in limited quantities – they can be purchased in the musician’s Bandcamp profile.

“Because the album was made entirely in my home, it seemed that the idea of homemade hot sauce was well-suited to the whole concept of the album itself. For me, my debut album is an exceptional event, and I wanted to pass it on to my listeners in a way to make them feel special as well. After all, what could be even more special than something you’ve created with your hands, ” says MT.


MEL editor

MEL editor

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