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“Quickstrike” make a loud statement and release their debut album “None of a Kind”.

The LP, which the band spent a good deal of time on, is finally available on all streaming platforms and CD, which includes a bonus track.

“We’re really proud and honored to finally release the full-length record for listeners all over the world. The first three singles have already caused some significant noise here, and abroad as well, gathering us new fans and listeners, who are really into the sound that we make. We’ve read various different reviews, and gotten feedback, so it’s really exciting to see how the resto f the album is going to be received. As it’s a very versatile record, we have no doubt that anyone will find a song, lyric or vibe on it that they can relate to” – says the band.

The digital version offers 10 tracks, and the CD includes the exclusive “Moonlight Days”.

“None of a Kind” helped us to get everything off our chests at the time, so you’ll hear those raw emotions, read about genuine experiences, it’s all there, and putting it into song is the best way to deal with it for us. We’ve experienced and learned a lot during the making of this record, and that helped us develop our skills and personalities. It’s a very strong foundation for the band today – with our own esatblished sound and attitude, we’re ready for our next big thing. And while listeners are feasting their ears on “None of a Kind”, we’re in the kitchen, cooking up the next trouble course, and we’ve just clocked in. “We’re here to do some damage!” – to quote the band.

“None of a Kind” has been released via “Rockshots Records”, which signed “Quickstrike” last year.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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