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“Quickstrike” release “Rebel Radio” – the second single and video from their upcoming debut “None of a Kind”

“Quickstrike” continue their single trilogy, and have unveiled the fast and intense piece “Rebel Radio” for audiences worldwide.

 “This one is a straight-forward old-school punk piece, and is the fastest one on “None of a Kind”. The song was basically born out of the chorus, which came first, and we combined it a wild and driving riff we had laying around, which fit perfectly. The lyrics are basically a recap of a pre-show preparation week, which we had a few of back in the day. It’s the fastest track on the album, and during live shows it’s our major energy discharge, where we make it as intense as possible” says the band.

The video was directed by Gunars Porietis, with location provided by Nikolajs Lukins. It was filmed on november 2020 at the “VR Audio” studio in Valmiera, Latvia.

The band continues:  “The concept of the video was taking over a radio station and the airwaves in order to declare that “Quickstrike” have arrived, in case anyone missed the single and video release of “None of a Kind”. We’re going strong with our pre-album campaign, and plan to reach an even wider audience with this second single.”

“Quickstrike” have signed a record deal with “Rockshots Records” and their debut “None of a Kind” will be released on February 11, 2022.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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