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Rapper E.V. releases a new video for a song from his upcoming album “The Smoke & Mirror LP”

On the 6th of January, in collaboration with ALCE (Alise Diure) rapper E.V. releases a new video for a song from his upcoming album “The Smoke & Mirrors LP”, which is set to release on the 28th of January. The song as well as the video for “The Magic” thematically revolves around music. In the video for the song, the viewer gets a tour of significantly important locations for Latvian hip-hop where either music is created or inspiration gets picked up for the creation of music. Locations include Kreisais Krasts recording studio, Dirty Deal Audio’s studio, the recording studio of rolands če, as well as Latvian hip-hop legend Ozols’ clothing store Hoodshop, which is full of iconic hip-hop memorabilia and items. In the song, the saxophone is played by Ernests Aļļis.

“This very song and video is a crucial element for understanding the upcoming album. It depicts the relentless creative energy of an artist and the energy for the album itself. It’s all about the magic of music and the unmatched feeling of mysticism that comes with it. That’s why the song is called “The Magic”. ”

E.V. is a 22-year-old hip-hop artist from Ikšķile / Ogre who writes and performs songs in both Latvian and English. He is a member of two hip-hop groups – Kreisais Krasts and Brīvrunu Projekts. The start of his musical career dates back to 2016 but his debut album titled “Imperfect World” was released in 2017 (recorded in Dirty Deal Audio). His next big project was titled “2018” (recorded by rolands če) although E.V. himself defines this project as more of a “song collection” than a conceptually formed album. The rapper’s upcoming and most ambitious album yet “The Smoke & Mirrors LP” is set to release on the 28th of January, 2022.

E.V. has performed at multiple events as a solo artist and with the aforementioned hip-hop groups. Concerts have taken place in small clubs as well as some of the biggest festivals in Latvia, such as “Positivus”, “SummerSound”, “Baldones Waterfest” and many more.


MEL editor

MEL editor

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