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Rapper Loopout (member of the group “Rīmdari”) releases a new album “Monsters in Dreams”

The album “Monsters in Dreams” is a story about monsters in your head that prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.
“This album is a battle between two worlds,” the author of the album explains, “between ego – doubts, fears, anger, which lead to the brink of self-destruction and love – dreams, positive emotions, creativity and joy of life.”
The album contains 13 compositions – 9 songs and 4 skits. The album was produced by Reinis Kārkliņš. Three of the album’s songs feature the voice of Baiba Bite.

“It’s been a long road. The picture that can be seen in the album design was taken in 2003. That was the year I discovered rap music and it became my main source of inspiration.” Kriss remembers, “That summer I had an unrealistic dream that one day I could be on stage. But over the years, I managed to lose my way a little, encountered depression, psychosis and other mental problems, which, thanks to professional psychotherapists and support from my family, I managed to solve.”
In 2021, Loopout released their debut EP “Music from Nowhere” and last October released the album’s title track “Monsters in Dreams”. The video of the song was created using artificial intelligence generated animations. Loopout is the hip-hop project of Latvian musician Kriss Baglais. Kriss is a member of the latvian hip-hop group “Rīmdari”.
Photo Helmuts Oelke Elks
MEL editor

MEL editor

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