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“Red Lung” releases debut EP “Sleepless”

Latvian musician Kristiāns Laizāns launches a new alternative country project “Red Lung” and releases his debut EP “Sleepless”. The album consists of five tracks, which also includes the single “Baby Lightning” released this January.

“The story of “Sleepless” EP began during the beginning of the pandemic along with the first chords of “Baby Lightning” that I captured on my phone while working in my bedroom. Initially, I didn’t expect to release even a single track, but as soon as “4 AM” arrived, I began to feel that this could become a modest but sweet collection of compositions created during some of my insomniac nights. I certainly don’t wish to glorify sleep deprivation, but I felt that it would be more than appropriate to name the album “Sleepless” considering the subject matter and what it took to write the songs,” says Kristiāns.

“When it comes to the themes and content of the songs, I think they are all well connected by their narrative nature. The tracks are like lullabies for adults or small etudes for anyone who could associate themselves to the protagonist or at least an observer,” adds Kristiāns.

The EP came to being in several phases, combining the five tracks recorded over the last few years, including “Baby Lightning” which was released in January. Several musicians from a multitude of other projects participated in the recording of the album: Alise Golovacka (backing vocals, flute), Monta Sleže-Zaļkalne (violin), Oskars Jansons (guitar), Rūdolfs Ozols (guitar), Jānis Steķis (bass guitar), Kalvis Sležis-Zaļkalns (drums) , Rūdolfs Daņiļevičs (drums). The album was recorded, mixed and mastered, as well as produced by Edvards Broders (Broders Audio) at “Red House” studio in Riga, Latvia.


Kristiāns first introduced himself to the music scene as the leader of the progressive/indie rock band “Be Reet” (2013-2017). Later, under the stage name “Tavs Puisis”, he began performing as a regular DJ, gave several acoustic concerts, released the single “Hang of This” in the summer of 2020 and later the single “Baby Lightning” in January 2023.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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