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“Relicseed” announces U.S. and European “Serial Surgery Tour” dates.

Heavy metal band “Relicseed” (USA/LV) has announced the first bunch of the “Serial Surgery Tour” dates across America and Europe supporting their latest studio release “Slaughterhouse” (“Microphone Records”).

The band has published the first 2 of the entire 6 tour chapters which will begin on April 20 in Muncie, IN and wrap up by the end of November in Europe. All together it’s 13 US dates including Philadelphia, Huston, Indianapolis as well as Queens and 9 European dates including Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary.

“Relicseed” will tour together with various bands including “Losing September” (U.S.), “BLAMING HOLLYWOOD” (U.S.), “Darker Half” (AU) and others.

“Relicseed`s” journey begun back in 2004 when four Latvian musicians started experimenting with different playing and singing styles. The debut album “60 minutes of a dream” was released only in 2010 (Relicseed). The album was the start of defining the band`s character which is brightly represented in their second studio release “Slaughterhouse”. Constantly remaining the only original member Edgars Rakovskis (guitars, vocals) has led “Relicseed” across his native Latvia`s borders entering various alternative music markets around the world as well as created the new international form of musicianship together with the great Nathan J.C. Mercado (drums).

Edgars: “We`re extremely happy to finally get on the road again and do something we love together with likeminded musicians! Excited and willing to see everybody in the pit!”

MEL editor

MEL editor

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