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Representatives of the Latvian Music Industry Head to Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival

Representatives of the Latvian music industry have traveled to “Eurosonic Noorderslag” – one of the leading festivals and conferences in the industry, taking place in Groningen, Netherlands, from January 17 to 20. This year, Latvia at the festival will be represented by only one music project – the new artist Might Delete Later. This project is created using a unique concept: making music from voice messages. Since its inception at an art gallery in Amsterdam, Might Delete Later has gained recognition both online and offline.

The performance of Might Delete Later will take place on Thursday, January 18, at “MAAS Front” club at 22:10.

“Eurosonic Noorderslag” or ESNS, founded in 1986, is one of the most important events in the European music industry, playing a significant role in the growth of artists’ careers. ESNS traditionally offers a platform for introducing new European music projects throughout Europe and beyond. The festival includes both a live music showcase and a wide range of conferences and panel discussions, which are an essential part of the festival.

Music Latvia has been part of the ESNS initiative ESNS Exchange since last year. ESNS Exchange promotes live performance opportunities for European music groups and artists at festivals outside their home countries and provides extensive media attention to these artists in collaboration with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), music export offices, and local media.

Cimuška-Rekke says: “Music Latvia’s participation in the ESNS Exchange program opens wider doors for the Latvian music industry. It provides our artists and industry professionals with invaluable experience and visibility in the European music market. This program is a platform where we can not only showcase the diversity of Latvian music but also promote international cooperation by exchanging ideas and experiences. I am convinced that our participation in this initiative will open new opportunities and enhance our artists’ international recognition.”

Within the framework of the ESNS Exchange program, Music Latvia has also ensured that two young participants in the Latvian music industry, Emīlija Paula Andersone (M/Darbnīca) and Kristiāna Paegle (Netīrās Cilpas), can attend and participate in “Eurosonic Noorderslag” free of charge.

As delegates, the conference from Latvia is attended by Agnese Cimuška-Rekke (Music Latvia), Guna Zučika (Every Little Thing/Carnival Youth), Kristīne Kleina (Every Little Thing/Carnival Youth), Bruno Roze (I Love You records), Anastasija Konkina (Creative Europe), Timurs Tomsons (Lielais Dzintars), and Ģirts Majors (Positivus Festival). Majors, Zučika, and Kleina are also invited to participate in the ESNS conference discussion panels. Music Latvia Executive Director Cimuška-Rekke will participate in the European music export associations’ general meeting and, for the first time, in the ESNS Exchange program and activities.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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