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Rick Feds- Latvian representative of electronic music, is going on a tour to USA

Controlling water fountains, fireworks, 3D visualisations, light animations and all the music with the Ableton Push sample pad is not just a futuristic vision about binding contemporary music with visual design, but instead those are the opportunities of modern technology, which are demonstrated by Rick Feds.

The main drives towards new challenges for the multi-instrumentalist is creation, control and excellence. Breaking boundaries for the musically creative minds and urge for innovative artistic expressions. This year’s tour to USA is one of such challenges.

On February of this year, the virtuoso artist is going to the U.S. where he will carry out audiovisual performances in New York, Washington and Philadelphia. Rick Feds, who is rated in the top 5 finger-drummers in the world today, describes his upcoming performances as a combination of the analogue and digital world, which will consist of creative sound design and energetic show. The musical saturation will be also complemented by his drumming, which is musician’s former specialty.

His shows will fascinate not only lovers of electronic music and interactive art forms but anyone who appreciates world-class mastery on a music instrument.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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