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Riga-based art-rock band “Perestroika” has released their latest single “Angelic Mimetics”

“Angelic Mimetics” explores how different creations, before defined in more specific categories, have all merged in the infinite white light of the feed and become content. In this angelic light, there is no longer any observable border between craftsman, artist or master of other discipline, all are content creators, all are content consumers. What happens when content becomes so beautiful and perfect that it threatens the conditions of art themselves?

The video for “Angelic Mimetics” was filmed in a Riga dance club, “ONE ONE”, produced and directed by Alberts Levics and Alise Golovacka. The band would also like to say a massive thank you to Maksimilians Kotovičs, Harijs Aizups, Elza Krasta and Kristiāns Laizāns, all of whom participated in the making of the video.

The core of “Perestroika” is Leo Novus and Rūdolfs Ozols, who started their creative collaboration journey in 2020 in Amsterdam. In live shows, the duo is joined on stage by Aleksandrs Barons, Alise Golovacka and Dāvis Mazurenko. Although self-described as belonging to the art-rock genre, “Perestroika” refrains from limiting itself to the restrictions of any specific genre. In the creative process, the primary directive is the context/message of the song, while elements from different genres and styles are chosen to enhance it and to morph space accordingly.

The band’s first album “memorial server” was released on October 22 of last year and was nominated for the Latvian annual award for music recordings “Golden Microphone 2023” in categories “Best debut Album of the Year” and “Best Indie or Alternative Music Album”.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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