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Rodion Gordin has recorded a summer song “Falling” with a British singer

After a one-year break, Riga DJ, songwriter and producer Rodion Gordin returns to music with his first single from 2021.  Previously known due to his musical collaboration with popular Latvian artists, as well as last year’s collaboration with Ukrainian superstar Max Barskih.

Rodion’s latest song “Falling” was recorded in collaboration with a singer Jana, who was born in Latvia, but at the age of 15 moved to England with her parents, where she now graduated with a Music degree.  Jana’s songs were also played on the well-known BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. Jana wants to break the stereotypes in the music industry and represent more female producers and songwriters.

“We worked remotely, that is now relevant and even stylish.  I wrote the music and lyrics for this song several months ago, but I couldn’t figure out which of the Latvian artists it might suit.  Then, I was contacted on Instagram by Jana, who wanted me to listen to her new release.  We had never communicated before.  I immediately liked the timbre of her voice and I offered to record this song together, ”said Gordins.

The song was made in three countries:  “Jana added lyrics and recorded the vocals at home, in her home-studio in England, I entrusted the guitar solo to a friend in Moscow and then mixed and sampled everything in my studio in Latvia,” says Rodion.

The new song “Falling” is available on all major streaming platforms around the world.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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