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Rodion Gordin releases a new single “Crashing Down” in collaboration with Edvards Grieze. Watch the video!

Rodion Gordin has been released his music by such prestigious European dance music publishing companies as “Kingdom Kome Cuts” and “Kontor Records”.  He has successfully collaborated with duo “Dvīnes” and American singer Dustin Paul. He has remixed and produced a number of local dance music hits, which have been played by many European radio stations and also have entered the EHR Top 40.

Singer Edvards Grieze could just be seen in the LTV project “SUPERNOVA”, where he performed a song called “New Day”. He has graduated from Ventspils Secondary Music School where studied singing and piano. He has collaborated with such producers as Rassell and DJ Makree.

The video was filmed a few weeks ago at Carnikava seaside. The music video is starring dancer Rūdolfs Patriks Gediņš. Filmed and assembled by Ritvars Bluka. The second operator – Rihards Kalaida. Liga Banga was in charge of style, and Laura Pudovska took care of make-up.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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