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EP “Casablanca” by Velvet River – International musician duo releases debut EP recorded in a living room

Velvet River is a project by drummer Kārlis Roberts Kalējs (LV) and bassist Tauna Woolfe (UK). The musicians started their collaboration at the end of 2019 when both were studying

ARTIFEXLV releases song with singer “ANNEMARIA”

Summer song “Sapņoju par tevi” was created as part of the ArtifexLV project. The goal of the project is to work with young and experienced Latvian musicians. Music – Juris

BAIBA releases a new single, an EP and announces a concert in Latvia

Austria-based electro-pop artist BAIBA releases a new EP, which includes her previously published singles, as well as her latest work – the song “Too Cool”. At the end of the

Loopout (member of latvian rap group “Rīmdari”) releases a new song and video made with one of Twenty One Pilots stage crew members

Kriss Baglais from the group “Rīmdari” releases a new song and video under his solo project “Loopout”. This is the second single from the upcoming album that is scheduled to

Latvia’s most active music hooligans, Very Cool People, together with the young singer Paula Saija, surprise again and release a new, completely uncharacteristic single for the band called Rikšiem (In

Reik releases a new single “Rajos ar mani”

“ “Song about the district. A song about friends. No matter what difficulties or adventures we get into, the people we grew up with, even if they are far away