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Musician and producer BAIBA releases a new single and a video filmed on an Alpine peak

BAIBA, a Latvian musician and producer based in Austria, has released a new single and a live music video filmed at the top of the Alps. “Black Hole” is her

Agnese Rakovska reveals Innovative ‘Constellation Class’ Method for Music Education

Agnese Rakovska introduces ‘Constellation class,’ which is a new method aimed at revolutionizing and digitizing music lessons within the general education system. The primary focus is on engaging students in

Singer-songwriter Ivo Fomins releases a new song, video and announces a major concert in Liepāja

Singer-songwriter Ivo Fomins, after a hiatus of more than a year and intensive concerts in sold-out venues, is finally releasing a new song and video! “Vēl viens pagrieziens” (Another Turn)

Múr releases third studio album for dark winter nights

Musician Múr today, 1 December, releases indie pop mini album “Disbalanss” (Imbalance) for those with ‘chronic tendency for nostalgia’. Record was made in London where she’s studying for a master’s

Sudden Lights and Gustavo release the song “Adata un diegs”

The song was created as the official anthem of the “Dod pieci” charity marathon. “”Adata un diegs” or the needle and thread are a symbol of the desire to sew

Múr releases third single “Stood Quiet” from upcoming minialbum

The author and producer Múr releases third and final single Stood Quiet (Stāvam Klusi) from her upcoming third studio minialbum Disbalanss. The record was made in London, UK with music