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SHOLA DEMO announces the new Single NO RĪGAS

Shola Demo is thrilled to announce the release of his new single NO RĪGAS, available on all major digital stores from 20-12-2022.

NO RĪGAS is co-produced by Freezyfofo in Nigeria and Alexandra in Latvia, the song has a flavor of Amapiano a popular and trendy vibes from Africa and a touch of Latvian rhythm.

The song itself promotes the beauty of Latvia as a country and the cities in Latvia as it also connects with the African community in Latvia.

Languages: Latvian, English, Pidgin English and Yoruba

The song is now available on Spotify, YouTube, ITunes and many other platforms.

Quotes from artist: I got the inspiration for this song to let the world know about how welcoming most the people of Latvia are, contrary to the information I gathered before my arrival, most of the people are very welcoming and Latvia deserves a much better reputation

MEL editor

MEL editor

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