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Singer and songwriter Karlina releases a brand new single

Today, February 11, artist Karlina, full name Karlīna Šēnknehte, releases a new song in English “BOOM”.The song was written for the song contest “Supernova”

The song was created in collaboration with entertainment and art company “Vincent Entertainment”. The authors of the song are Loreta Reide and Karlīna Šēnknehte, while the producers of the song are Rolands Prīverts and Loreta Reide.

“BOOM” is about reality and tells about how life comes to a stage where you may have to look at yourself in the light of truth to understand that you can’t escape from yourself and your own reality and the feeling of it can be a little scary, “says Karlina. “The idea of the song came together with Loreta Reide, in a small songwriting camp, writing everything that comes to mind and corent situation in many people’s lifes . Loretta recently started working as a producer, so she sank into the song’s production and I sank into writing lyrics for the song. It was a very harmonious process and we decided to submit the song to the “Supernova” song contest, but it was not included in the semi-finalists list.

The production of the song was continued by the producer Rolands Prīverts. He gave the song its own sound and colors that make it so powerful and noticeable.

The song is available on streaming platforms from today, and a video of the song is coming soon.


MEL editor

MEL editor

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