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Singer and songwriter Niklāss sings about the fairies

The young Latvian pop music performer Niklās starts a new month with a new composition. In the song “Laumiņu nakts” he sings about mythical creatures, which, as many believe, can protect us from misfortunes.

Niklāss says: “The new song is about magical summer nights. I wrote it during a retreat in Saulkrasti, sitting by the fire under an illuminated apple tree. Night is my favorite part of the day. You know that feeling when you feel like someone is watching you when you’re outside at night? I truly believe they are fairies. This is the story of the fairies who take care of our joy and quietly watch over us. I felt a lot more that night and that’s why I called it night of fairies. I wish everyone to experience that!”

Niklas started his career as a musician only last spring, releasing his debut single “Seši vēji” (eng. – “Six winds) in cooperation with “MicRec” publishing house. It was followed by the song “Lēti and Naivi” (eng. – “Cheap and Naive”). During this time, the singer has participated in several charity concerts and continues to actively develop his music career.

The video of the new song was made by Kaspars Rudzītis (Dween Productions), and the song was produced in the studio by the experienced Gints Stankevičs.

On February 10, Niklāss will perform with the concert program “Feelings” in the hall of Vārme elementary school. At the concert, you will hear the already mentioned songs, as well as unreleased compositions. There will also be special guests and the artist promises a great atmosphere.

“Night of the Pixies” on streaming platforms.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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