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Singer and songwriter ‘Taurud’ from Latvia release a new song

‘Taurud’ latest work ‘My Gold’ is the second single leading up to his EP.

‘We have nothing to lose – simply creating music that excites us. I am a lot less afraid to go and look for new sounds in musical areas where I never went before. At the same time, I am singing about stuff that most people will relate to. This time it is all about the truth. There is something hidden in this world ,and that secret presence creates a lot of suffering. The song is about not losing yourself ,nevertheless’ explains ‘Taurud’.

The music and lyrics are written by ‘Taurud’. The record was made in collaboration with an incredible young producer from Manchester Sean Rogan (Spotify – Sean Rogan).

‘Taurud’ songs have previously rotated on Latvian radio stations, won the Radio SWH competition ‘Priekšnams’ and debuted on TV. This summer musician is actively performing in the UK and working on the EP ,and later this year is planning to visit his home Latvia to perform in Riga and Jurmala.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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