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Singer Keitija Bārbale releases the first single ‘Čau, kakao’ announcing her upcoming debut album

Keitija Bārbale have just released her first single ‘Čau, kakao’ and it is available on all streaming platforms, opening her debut album, which is going to be released September 2022.

20 year old singer-songwriter Keitija Bārbale is an upcoming artist from Latvia, surprising listeners with her depth of lyrics and unique songwriting style. A mix between modern music, grunge and pop, her music attracts a variety of listeners while maintaining her Latvian identity and sound. Powerful live performances and stage presence, strong values and a sense of justice – Keitija Bārbale’s straight-forward attitude, personality and songs leave no one indifferent.

Announcing her first single, the singer-songwriter, who doesn’t want to be pretentious, adds cryptically: “Romance never dies, just like bad pick-up lines…”

The upcoming debut album will present several songs composed by Keitija, the performance of which has been chosen in a seemingly minimalistic, but most accurately reflecting the essence of the work style containing only guitar and voice. The acoustically intimate debut recording was made in Liepāja, in the “Wiktorija” culture house, where the songs were recorded live and then mastered by producer Mārtiņš Krastiņš. The album release process is managed by the agency MOO/music observation organization.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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