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SKD debuts on Monolith Records with an eclectic EP

“SKD debuts on Monolith Records with „Nemiera Gars” (The Spirit Of Unrest), an eclectic EP providing 3 original cuts crafted by the Latvian producer and a remix by Zaliva-D, whoʼve been creating progressive and personal dark electronics for more than a decade, based in Beijing, China. „Nemiera Gars” is adventurous and psychedelic in nature, blending dark downtempo techno, rhythmic noise and tribal delusions as a state-of-the-art sound collage, the peculiar sonic incests of „Deepfake Mirrorscape” and „Debris Dance” are the outcome.

The abstract yet sentimental turmoil of „Translucent Dimension Drift” provides the last gasp of sonic hallucinations before reaching the melting point of the EP with the pounding rework of „Deepfake Mirrorscape” provided by the dark oriental electronica master Zaliva-D.”

MEL editor

MEL editor

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