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“SKRAPNESHI” release “Feel That” featuring Ralfs Eilands

DJ duo “SKRAPNESHI” (DJ Monsta & DJ PM2THEAM) release their brand new single “Feel That”, featuring Latvian musician, comedian and activist Ralfs Eilands. “Feel That” is a single from the “SKRAPNESHI” upcoming debut album, which will be available this winter.

“This tune is about our inner and external freedom. I think that freedom, especially in the country that we live in – Latvia – is a hot topic. One of the things that we can do is to exercise our freedom within on a daily basis. It is quite symbolic that the featured artist on this tune is Ralfs Eilands – a person who has actively shown his support for Ukraine and also has been awarded the Certificate of Merit by Latvia’s president Egils Levits,” says DJ Monsta.

DJ PM2THEAM adds, “Finding your inner freedom is an adventure! I think that this song represents the journey to your inner freedom. I hope that “Feel That” will inspire our listeners to never give up on their dreams.”

Ralfs Eilands, who also wrote the lyrics of the song, says, “The melody and lyrics came to me in a heart beat. Freedom, in my opinion, is the hottest topic right now. At least in Latvia. It is up to us how we choose to exercise our freedom.”

“SKRAPNESHI” is a group formed by 2 well known Latvian DJ’s and producers – DJ Monsta and DJ PM2THEAM. Their weapon of choice is turntables, with which they express the main idea of “SKRAPNESHI” – freedom and happiness. As fans of old school, they often quote hip hop legends, legendary speeches, movie quotes and more.

“Feel That” is available on all major streaming services.

Artwork by Zahars Ze –

MEL editor

MEL editor

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