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“Sub Scriptum” release new song “Sweet Screens”

Latvian alternative/indie rock band “Sub Scriptum” shares new single “Sweet Screens”.

Lead singer Kristers Rudzītis comment of the song: “Everything is possible on screens. Become a superhero or a movie star in a few clicks and you are closer to your dream, or further away from reality! Running along with different fake faces – we lose our real “I”.” This song is in english because it is dedicated to a wider audience.

Sub Scriptum is an alternative/indie rock band from Madona, Latvia that was formed in the summer of 2017. The band consist of four members Kristers Rudzītis (lead vocal, rhythm guitar), Alvis Kozuls (solo guitar), Maikls Drobins (bass), Armands Runcis (drums). The band released their debut album “ mode” in 2020 The singles that have been the most successful to win the hearts of the audience are “ mode ” and “Viegli ievainots”. Sub Scriptum has a huge concert experience and have played in many different venues. The most notable concerts are festival Summer Sound, Great Amber concert hall, Liepaja and ‘’Sporto visa klase’’ an event held in Arena Riga. The band is currently working on new music. This spring the band released an EP ‘’Mīlestības”. The single “Kam Tādam” from the EP has gained popularity in Latvian radio stations.  Sub Scriptum has also gained popularity in Ukrainian radio stations with the single “‘’зійде сонце’’.

Sub Scriptum music is characterized by catchy melodies and rhythmic hooks. The band always brings youthful energy to their shows.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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