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Sudden Lights and Gustavo release the song “Adata un diegs”

The song was created as the official anthem of the “Dod pieci” charity marathon.

“”Adata un diegs” or the needle and thread are a symbol of the desire to sew up what is torn – whether it is a patch on torn pants or a stitched wound after a fight. It can just as well be a patch for our relationship or mental health. The message of the song is quite universal – for each of us at least once in life it has seemed that we are superfluous, but in the madness of youth, these feelings and the humanly desperate desire to belong to something can also lead to wrong paths. That’s what the song is about – about feelings that sometimes seem impossible to fix. The recording of this song was extremely special for us and the band, because we had the honor to work in the same studio with Latvian music legend Gustavo. His verse gave the song a dose of realism and inspiration,” says one of the authors of the anthem, Andrejs Reinis Zitmanis, soloist of the band “Sudden Lights”.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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