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Sudden Lights are releasing a series of remixes of the song “Aijā”

In the run-up to the Eurovision Song Contest, Sudden Lights are releasing a series of remixes of the song “Aijā”, in collaboration with four different DJs. Makree, [Ex] da Bass, MarkMate and the acclaimed Lithuanian producer Leon Somov have given the song a new sound in the dance and house genres. All remixes are available on streaming services. 

The first release is a remix by electronic music producer Makree (Mārtiņš Makreckis). “Makree is a very talented musician, his works are in our personal playlists. His music has an international character in the best sense of the word. We are delighted and grateful that he agreed to give our song a different sound!”

The well-known Latvian DJ [Ex] da Bass or Mareks Dainis has also renewed his tradition of remixing Eurovision songs. He says: “Although “Aijā” is a sad and rocky lullaby, I would like to believe that my remix has turned out to be very enjoyable, modern and in line with the expectations of club-goers. I wish Sudden Lights a successful start and great success at this year’s Eurovision!”

The remix series features Sudden Lights’ first international collaboration with one of the best-known Lithuanian producers and electronic music creators – Leon Somov. “It’s a great feeling to support our Latvian brothers not only with our voices, but also with a new version of their song. Of course, stylistically the remix and the original song are very different, now it’s a completely different genre… But when a song is good, it can sound great in different styles. When I was working on the song, I had complete creative freedom and I used elements that excited me, I expressed them in my own way,” explains Leon.

The series is concluded by the promising 19-year-old producer MarkMate (Marks Matisons), whose name has already been heard abroad and whose songs have received support from well-known DJs such as Don Diablo, Nicky Romero and others. “Sudden Lights is a soothing lullaby with a unique tempo. I thought that a remix with elements of house music and my own musical signature, as part of my MarkMate music project, would be something that could appeal to both a passionate fan of the band and someone who prefers dance music on a daily basis,” says Mark.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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