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“Supernova 2020” finalist Edgars Kreilis releases a video for “Tridymite”

At the end of last week, nine finalists of the Supernova songwriter and singer competition, including Edgars Kreilis with the song “Tridymite”, were announced. Now a video too has been made for the composition. Edgars offers it for a wider audience rating.

“Tridymite” has been co-authored by bass guitarist of Latvian band “Brainstorm” and composer Ingars Viļums, who wrote a message to Edgars offering to collaborate on this year’s Supernova competition. In the process of dynamic work, a song came to be known as the Tridymite, causing a widespread debate about what does it actually mean.

The name came up in the songwriting process, while Edgars and Ingars exchanged different ideas. Tridymite is a polycrystalline that is found in small quantities on our planet Earth. But it was a big surprise when a large group of American scientists from NASA discovered it on planet Mars. This mystery is still unresolved. In the song, this multifaceted crystal symbolizes the unknown and utterly unexplained formula of love that exists in the universe. Who can surpass energy when eyes meet for a moment and the “inexplicable” happens? The world around us glows and at that moment everything seems possible – as if there were no limits to time or space.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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