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“Taurenīt?” is released today, on July 11. This song is about a summer romance and was created in close collaboration with Būū

“I met Būū for the first time in February 2022, during the concert “Latvian rap against the war in Ukraine”. I didn’t know when and how, but I knew that one day we will work together because I ‘caught’ Būū vibe right away ” says Raiens. Būū added that she rarely collaborate on songs and even more rarely sing about romantic love, but on “Taurenīt?” she managed to get both of those ticks in effortlessly. “Raiens is young, determined artist, driven by good goals, bright thoughts and love” she says.

The production and mastering team behind single “Taurenīt?” are Kristaps Hļevickis and Marks Spruģevics


MEL editor

MEL editor

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