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Taurud releases his debut single “I Keep Loving You”

“Taurud” is a singer and songwriter from Jurmala, Latvia, currently based in Manchester UK. On the 12th of August, he is releasing his debut single which is the first taste from the 2021 upcoming album.  “I Keep Loving You” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and other streaming services.

Debut single “I Keep Loving You” talks about true unconditional love.  “Taurud”: “It’s a song about feelings that makes us human, those feelings which can literally bend our reality. Feelings that can turn black and white into colour, feelings that can awaken us from sleepwalking. Suddenly everything is real. So often we’ re trying to put each other in these invisible boxes to fit for us and if we can’t our feelings alter. This song is about the love we are ready to give regardless of someone’s shortcomings or pain they cause. I hope it will become people’s song and others will use it to tell someone how much they love them. I wrote it for that.”

Listen to “I Keep Loving You” here

“Taurud” is a culmination of dreamy and heartfelt sounds, experimenting with different levels of intimacy. Taurud touch acts as a refuge for those who need a break from the busy world whizzing by. It’s that feeling of being seemingly adrift in the sea of our own realities, losing yourself, hitting rock bottom and finding your feet once again. His music attempts to shine a little light into a dark room, with a desire to spread hope, love, and peace throughout.

A musician who grew up listening “Pink Floyd” and, “Queen” from age of 5 says about himself: “I’m someone who learned everything himself. Never had teachers who’ d show me how to write songs or play guitar. I started writing when I was around 15 in my first band. Still doing it really really impulsively. Very often I can’t sleep cos I have to create a new song.  It feels like I’m like an athena who is receiving signals and just writing them down, often it doesn’ t feel like I am actually writing it. Everything is energy and is vibrating on different frequencies. Theoretically, we all are music.”

“Taurud” is releasing his debut single this year. It’s the beginning of very focused work to introduce Latvia and other countries to his art. Currently working on his debut album with top musicians from Manchester, recording at “The Big Red Studio” with Jake Evans who’s collaborated with so many great musicians including “New Order”. The upcoming record will include 8 original songs. “Taurud‘ says: “We are recording it all live man, like back in the day. We are capturing real moments in the studio. It’s such real music. I’m so excited.”

MEL editor

MEL editor

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