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The 2nd Session of the songwriting workshop RIGaLIVE begins this week

For the second time by the initiative of “Latvian Music Development Association/Latvian Music Export Office” and with the support of LaIPA(Latvian Performers’ and Producers’ Association) an event is being organized for the members of the music industry with the aim to encourage cooperation, exchange experiences and increase their level of professionalism – a songwriting workshop called RIGaLIVE.

The first RIGaLIVE session, which took place in September of last year, which was praised highly by both local and international participants and music experts. In two days time, 16 songs were recorded, which were recognized as high quality potential radio hits. The 2nd session of RIGaLIVE is taking place this week, starting from Monday, and ending on Wednesday. Each day, a work group, which will consist of a performer, songwriter and a producer, will work for 8 hours straight in order to create new songs, which will be presented to experts of the music industry, and other teams, in the evening.

There were over a 100 submissions, and 24 participants were selected for this workshop – musicians such as Jānis Aišpurs, Aija Andrejeva, Ansis, Arnis Račinskis and Markus Riva.

As one of the cooperation partners of RIGaLIVE, Red Bull will offer a prize for the best team: a fully paid and accommodated trip to Open’er Festival this summer in Poland, as well as the audio software company Sonarworks will offer a pair of fully calibrated Sennheiser HD650’s as a prize for the best producer in the workshop.



MEL editor

MEL editor

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