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The alternative rock quartette “Erased by Sunrise” returns to the listeners with a new single – Drown

The intro and outro of the song is voiced by the TikTok content creator well know in Latvia by the name “Edza”. The sound of the song is slightly “heavier” than previously
released songs.

“We have been playing around with the thought of trying to compose something “heavier” The structure of the song “came together” effortlessly. The heavier breakdown of the song was something new to us as well, but without a doubt – enjoyable. “, comments lead guitarist and producer of the group Kārlis “Šīns” Pūle.

We are a part of the alternative rock genre because it allows us to combine different styles. “The song “Drown” is about leaving everything in your life behind you and expressing your attachment to others. Even though the lyrics of the song refer to sinking, its true meaning is completely the opposite”, says lead singer and rhythm guitarist Jānis Klāsons.

The song is available on all of the popular music streaming platforms – Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music etc. We wish you a pleasant listen and hope to see you at our concerts!

MEL editor

MEL editor

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