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“The Bad Tones announces release date for live album “Ezera Skaņas””

“The Bad Tones is coming out with an announcement for a new live album “Ezera Skaņas, which will be available on the platforms starting from November 21. Album was recorded on Kala lake (Kāla ezers) as a part of the festival “Sounds from the Lake” (“Ezera Skaņas”).

In collaboration with the Finnish saxophonist Ukko Heinonen and the Latvian percussionist Dzintars Viksna (Dzintars Vīksna), The Bad Tones have written a 1.5-hour dedication to the festival, which consists of 8 fragments included in the album. The main theme “I’m Not Afraid of The Wolf” reflects the growth of a child, where “Wolf” is an inner adult, but “I” is an inner child.”

MEL editor

MEL editor

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