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The Bad Tones coming out with a live album from the middle of a lake

“In the middle of the August darkness at approximately 3AM you take your boat and row out into the mist that’s hanging on top of the lake. You don’t know where to go, but you can hear a faint sound somewhere in the distance. You row closer and closer to the strange sounds. Like in a dream a floating stage appears somewhere in the middle of the lake. The wind is chilly so you lay down in your boat. The stars up above are slowly fading with the first rays of the Sun as you drift away in a light sleep somewhere between dreaming and being awoken…” The Bad Tones

Ezera skaņas” is The Bad Tones second full-length album. It was recorded on lake Kāla (Kāla ezers) as a part of the festival “Sounds from the Lake” (“Ezera Skaņas”). In collaboration with the Finnish saxophonist Ukko Heinonen and the Latvian percussionist Dzintars Viksna (Dzintars Vīksna), during a 1 week long creative camp The Bad Tones have written a 1.5-hour dedication to the festival, which consists of 8 fragments included in the album. The main theme “I’m Not Afraid of The Wolf” reflects the growth of a child, where “Wolf” is an inner adult, but “I” is an inner child. It’s this transformation battle that takes place in the early teens and thus the musical material is split between these themes of security and vulnerability, where you don’t feel yet an adult and can’t act like a child anymore.

The Bad Tones is a nature-inspired quartet from Latvia, which represents various genres and a fusion of them. The band is formed by Edvards Broders (guitar, keys, vocals), Alberts Levics (bass guitar, vocals), Rudolfs Ozols (guitar, keys, backing vocals) and Kalvis Slezis (drums, backing vocals).

MEL editor

MEL editor

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