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The Bad Tones release a “tringle”, or three songs under the name ‘i’

On February 25 of this year, the band “The Bad Tones” released three songs, or “tringles” with the name “i”. This is a precursor to three more such tracks that the group will release during 2023.

“Some time ago I started thinking about a concept where we try to encapsulate a time in which a song comes together. My theory is that working on something creative during winter or summer influences the result and what you get in the end is completely different, that’s why I suggested implementing this idea in an album format, respectively three songs in each season. Somehow it also resonated well with Alberts and Rūdolfs idea that it would be nice to release more singles, to work less on something big, which can be tiring and begins to restrict with too much freedom at the beginning and too much stress at the end.Without hiding behind any purist motives, we have already recorded a large part of the songs live last summer at the former festival “Zvērā” territory in the “prieka māja”, but the process in which we decide the direction of the particular song, we leave to the mood of each season.” tells one of the band members, Edvards.

The Bad Tones released an EP last year called “Back Together Forever” alongside all other albums of the group have been nominated for the “Zelta Mikrofons 2022” award.

The Bad Tones is a band inspired by nature and blues that was formed in 2012, but took the name “The Bad Tones” in 2017. It is represented by Edvards Broders (voice, guitar, keyboards), Rūdolfs Ozols (voice, guitar, keyboards), Alberts Levics (voice, bass guitar) and Kalvis Sležis-Zaļkalns (voice, drums). So far “The Bad Tones” have released an EP “Bad Tunes” (2018), studio album “Is It Good Enough?” (2019), the live album “Ezera Skaņas” (2020) and another EP “Back Together Forever” (2022).


MEL editor

MEL editor

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