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The band So Lucid Electric Feel has released its second album

Contemporary psychedelic blues rock band So Lucid Electric Feel has released its second album Social Mindscream.

As the title of the new longplayer suggests, the album conjures up scenes in which a mind hungry for love and society manifests itself in different ways and characteristics.

“The album includes both sides – fantasy and reality, without giving up the opportunity to create your own artistic signature,” says the band’s vocalist and guitarist Uvis Gailis. “The story of the pieces winds through the labyrinths of motivation and routine, yet it is able to reproduce several emotions. Our songs give free rein to everyone’s imagination and provide the opportunity to find multiple identities.”

The album was made in Siguldas Skaņu Studija in cooperation with Latvian Blues Band bassist Mārcis Kalniņš, who is also the sound engineer of the new musical material, as well as the creator of the final mix and master version.

So Lucid Electric Feel is a trio founded in Sigulda, Latvia, in 2015, in which vocalist and guitarist Uvis Gailis, bassist Kristaps Sproģis and drummer Raitis Kalniņš have combined their musical skills. A couple of years ago, the band released their debut album We’re All Connected.

The new album Social Mindscream can be heard on major music streaming platforms.

Album in YouTube

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