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The boundary-pushing singer ELIZZA drops her brand new summer-ready tune “Habit”

Painting the ever-changing canvas of pop and R&B with her own distinctive palette, ELIZZA is a fresh, emerging talent whose songs are leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary music scene. Her latest single, “Habit”, is out on 12th June 2020.

Based in London and inspired by artists such as Sia, Dua Lipa, The Weekend and Jorja Smith, ELIZZA’s vivid new sound is destined to become the heartbeat of pop music in the 2020s. The stage has already been set for her inevitable rise, thanks to a run of remarkable releases that include ‘Can’t Quit’, Myles Stephenson collaboration ‘Want To Keep’ and her latest track, the summer-ready new single ‘Habit’.

“”Habit” is questioning your commitment to a person and trying to answer these questions – has this relationship turned into a habit or is this still alive and worth holding onto?”

Showcasing the singer’s range and versatility, “Habit” sees ELIZZA stunningly vocalise her romantic uncertainty over a beat that takes cues from reggaeton and dancehall, penning reflective lyrics that explore the dangerous territories where love and addiction collide. Another leap in her progressive musical evolution, this most recent offering points towards a new direction for ELIZZA, as she brings together sounds, rhythms and styles from across the mainstream to produce a radio-ready heater that’s destined for the Top 40.

Speaking about her artistic progression, ELIZZA remarked: “For me, it’s a wow moment every time a song you have been working on, comes to life, gets released, and I hear from people who loved it. It’s so important for me to remember where you started but also always stay hungry for more and keep pushing.”

The ideas behind “Habit” came out of the blue during a journey to a studio session – an artist who overflows with natural creativity, ELIZZA often receives bolts of inspiration from the blue, recording melodies and lyrics as voice notes in her phone before fleshing them out in the studio with talented producers. This creative process has brought to life a series of incredible singles that point towards a long and successful musical career for a musician determined to express her vision to the world.

“This release is very personal, being able to share this is me speaking the truth. This is what I want my music to be about. It can be scary to say what I feel out loud sometimes and that’s how music helps me. Hopefully, it can help others too.”

ELIZZA is dedicated to sharing her experience and emotion with others through the medium music. Her fire, passion and authenticity shines through every note she sings, and is now inspiring a growing international fanbase. She believes that, unlike anything else, music has the power to break boundaries, arouse deep feelings, and spark new ideas. Her intense, heartfelt songs do just that.

Link to the song:

MEL editor

MEL editor

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