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The Coco’nuts releases single “Fading slowly”.

Latvian band The Coco’nuts recently released their new single called “Fading slowly” from the new material.

Right after having their first debut album “Amid opposites” in the beginning of this summer The Coco’nuts had a creative camp in Ēvele, where they already started working on new program. It has been presented in several wonderfull concerts during past three months. All new songs are made with completely new inspirations, that’s why they are quite different from usual sounds of The Coco’nuts. Compositions are flowing, they take listener in the world of reflections and toughts.

Band  releases song “Falling slowly” as the first because it tells about changes – just like new material – about new beginning, about new path in our lives, that changes are not always easy to realise in the moment, until at one point you lose control over everything so you just want to dissapear or fade out for a second until it all starts from the beginning and the unstoppable flow of life keeps going.

Live performance you’ll be able to hear on 16th of December in jazz bar “Trompete”. For more information you can follow band on Facebook:

MEL editor

MEL editor

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