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The Coco’nuts releases their first official music video.

Latvian band “The Coco’nuts” publishes their first official music video for “Love song” from first studio album “Amid Opposites” today.

The main idea of song and video is a classic story about neverending love. This story helps us remember to spend more time on good things and good feelings instead of putting them aside for later and concentrating on things that we think are more important at that moment.

Video was made in the end of this summer, in different locations close to Riga. Main roles were played by Inta Cikule and Vitauts Cikulis, grandparents of bands contrabass player Toms, and also, of course, “The Coco’nuts” themselves. Director – Elīza Eikerte, operator – Jānis Vīksne.

Last week there was a presentation event for the new material in art and culture space “3 Māsas”. Also yesterday along with “Love song” video it was presented in lovely “Dad cafe”. Nevertheless “The Coco’nuts” never stop developing and soon there might be more news connected with bands new musical view.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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