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The end is the beginning (Smoke XII – Late night thoughts)

“The end is the beginning” – with this motto S M O K E XII (Emīls Jānis Dūmiņš) begins his creative path releasing a new single “Late Night Thoughts”. That is one of the most expressive S M O K E XII’s compositions at the moment, which was made in a professional studio and in the creation also participated Gints Stankevics, a well-known producer in Europe and Latvia.

The single also has a video version of the lyrics, created in collaboration with Lihtorovich. S M O K E XII (a pseudonym derived from the surname Dūmiņš) is typical of the Z generation(Gen Z). As you know, they are recognized as the most iconic of all time, the most flexible, politically motivated, avant-garde and opened generation. That everything also characterizes S M O K E XII. He started music at the age of 10,  learning drums and guitar. Until now, hip-hop culture has been the only one in Latvia marginal current of popular music, so S M O K E XII’s musical taste has developed under the influence of world hip-hop experience and idols, which does not leave indifferent peers either. Quickly mastering music processing technologies, the first compositions are created in the home studio, which are published on the website “Soundcloud”.

The number of plays are currently around 20,000. The author of songs and lyrics for his compositions is himself S M O K E XII. The songs are based on current issues in life and young people’s vision for them, as well as efforts to seek answers to questions that are not always meant to be answered. S M O K E XII tries harshly but truly to express his point of view and explain their attitudes towards global challenges as well as people’s internal, personal and often very intimate issues such as love and the emotions it creates. The artist expresses his opinion about the everyday relationship problems, existential issues, as well as the very topical issues about drug use among young people. Frequently mentioned death in S M O K E XII’s vision is like the end here, the end of our physical bodies, but the continuation in a further, larger event, or path. Currently, S M O K E XII is actively developing his vocal skills at the best Latvian teachers and creatively collaborates with several artists from Latvia, Lithuania and the USA. The most famous artist with which he have collaborated is K!DDXO

MEL editor

MEL editor

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