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The final composition of the joint project of Aija Alsiņa and Kristīne Garklāva is released, together with a music video

Latvian musician and composer Aija Alsiņa has released a composition every month for the year 2022, featuring the wonderful photos of photographer and TV personality Kristīne Garklāva on the cover. On December 9th, the final track of this project “Lightness” is released, for which a music video clip was also made.

The idea for the project was created this January of this year, and while looking for owners of beautiful pictures with whom she could collaborate, Aija approached Kristine, who had already gotten to know Aija’s music beforehand and gladly agreed to participate in the project. Work on the series of compositions began in February, and starting from March, a piece was published every month. The track “Collecting Memories”, released in July, has been extremely successful and has been played more than a million times on Spotify.

On December 9th, 2022, the final piece of this project, “Lightness”, is released, recorded together with the string quartet NŌNA, with whom Aija has had a great collaboration before. A music video was also made for the piece. It was shot by the director Marcis Šeners and features the dancer Melania Linda Muskare. The video is released on the same day and can be viewed on Aija Alsiņa’s YouTube channel.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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