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The JL Kalmann darkness continues with a new single

February 3rd is the date, that the new upcoming artist had released a fresh and mysterious single with the name of “Dreams 2”
February 8th is the release date of the official music video.
It’s the artists second single from the up and coming Mix-Tape witch is planned to be released in the first half of 2022.
JL Kalmann says, ««Dreams» might be the darkest work of art I’ve created so far. It’s a song about darkness and the feeling of intimacy that we feel when we are doing things that we shouldn’t, it’s about addiction from things and substances that made me almost loose my conscious mind, and about fear that birthed illusions and self doubt that makes us individually  act in different ways. I know that today there is a lot of darkness on earth, significantly more than in my songs. We can’t act like we can’t see it, rather acknowledge it and learn from it. You wouldn’t know what is light without darkness. And that counts for my music too. The battle with my inner deamons has never been easy, might even be the hardest fight in anyones life. But this darkness can open the windows for more light to come in.»
“The recors was produced by me and very talented musicians and producers, artists and most importantly my very good friends –
(ROLAND PRIVERT) Rolands Prīverts, (SAULE) Krišānis Suntažs un (Whoever) Kristpas Cinis who is responsible for the dark and very special sound design.”
MEL editor

MEL editor

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