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The Lapsene is here! Artis Dvarionas, the voice of R.A.P., returns to music

Artis Dvarionas, the voice of R.A.P., returns to music after a 12-year break with the protest song “Tukšpauris” (Muttonhead). His new stage name is Lapsene.

“I had originally planned to present my new music project at the end of this year, but with the Russian aggression in Ukraine, I couldn’t delay any longer,” says Artis.

Lapsene’s debut song “Tukšpauris” was written by Artis Dvarionas in collaboration with lyricist Igo, who is no stranger to opposing the aggressive eastern neighbour since the times of the Awakening in the late 1980s.

“The song “Tukšpauris” can resonate in many different meanings, but above all it is a message of protest with a call to action to put an end to the totalitarian regime beyond our eastern border”, Artis adds.

Under the stage name Lapsene, Artis intends to compose, arrange and produce the music for this project himself, by involving various lyricists.

“This event is special for me because for the first time I will be realising myself in a solo project, composing, arranging and producing my own music, involving different lyricists. I should mention that this is not a one-song project and the protest song “Tukšpauris” is a starting application for a broader and more ambitious musical goal”, Artis continues.

Participated in the creation of the song: Reinis Briģis (studio co-producer), Reinis Kārkliņš (audio post-production), Eduards Zagainovs-Veinbrants (video version).

Artis Dvarionas used to sing in the bands R.A.P. and TāTāTā, whose best-known songs are “Dzīve bez apstājas” (Life without Stop) (feat. Igo), “Nekas vairs nav tā” (Nothing Is as It Used to Be), “Tu esi dinamīts” (You Are Dynamite), “Ja nu tā esi tu” (If It Is You) and others.

MEL editor

MEL editor

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