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The new musician with pseudonym “osiits” has released his first mini-album called “Life, accept it as it is and live on.”

Besides the two previously released singles “Tiešām Neatceros” (“I really cannot remember”) and “Kā Tev Šodien Gāja?” (“How was Your Day?”) the album is complemented by three more compositions.

“Neko darīt. Kā ir, tā jādzīvo.” (“Life, accept it as it is and live on.”) is a story about the impact of changes in mental status on human life. More specifically about the downside when feelings (both emotional and physical) are long-lasting and do not intend to back down.

It is difficult to see why this is happening at all. It’s even harder to understand why this is happening to me when it seems that everyone around me is doing great. But the hardest part is accepting that you will most likely have to live with those feelings for the rest of your life.

The album is about a phase in my life where I refused to accept these changes and I didn’t even tried to realize what could have made them happen in the first place. When I allowed myself to believe everything I felt, read on the internet and all the thoughts that came to mind. The main one being that I might be terribly ill because I felt the unexplained physical pain, which means that I would soon have to die. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? But, unfortunately, it was and sometimes still is my reality.

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Also, a music video for the song “Here and now” has been filmed. This time I did both video filming and editing myself, but in the future I would definitely be happy to cooperate with industry professionals.

In addition to the music, in-depth stories have been published about each of the songs. They are published on my social media profiles. As the topic discussed in the project is very broad and complex, it seemed necessary to tell more about what was really hidden under the lyrics. It is difficult to fit in three minutes what has been and still is going on in my head for almost two years now.

I invite everyone to listen to the album and those who find the topic relevant, be sure to check out the in-depth stories about the songs in my social media profiles.


MEL editor

MEL editor

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