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“The One That Got Away” song from “RIGaLIVE#4” out today!

“The One That Got Away” is something that started as a tiny story told by ANNNA’s Estonian friend Uku, and, in just under one day, got developed into a whole song by three musicians during songwriting camp “RIGaLIVE#4”. It’s a melancholic tune that takes you on a visual a journey. ANNNA’s vocals, and her intoxicating lyrics add up to that “take me to the summer” feel that this track reflects.

This release will kick start more than six consecutive tracks that ANNNA bring out in the upcoming months that she’ll eventually put together in an album. You’ll be able to hear “The One That Got Away” for the first time on the second of July in Latvia, where ANNNA will be the warm up artist for the incredible LP!

MEL editor

MEL editor

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