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This autumn – an unexpected revival of Raimonds Pauls’ song “Autumn Leaves”

Singer Katrīna Gupalo has created a new sound for Raimonds Pauls’ song “Autumn Leaves”. Her performance also emphasizes the dramatic message of Jānis Peters’ text.

“This autumn is very different from others – this year we especially feel the departure of the old world which we say goodbye to with sadness. We believe that after a harsh winter spring will come bringing new life with it.  It was through this song that I wanted to express what we all experience and feel every day during these terrible pandemic times,” says Katrīna Gupalo. “After a beautiful summer, in which I had many concerts dedicated to the music of Imants Kalniņš, I decided that autumn would come with the sounds of Raimonds Pauls. Autumn always sounds very special in Maestro’s compositions. Two of his songs “Ance’s Romance” and “Don’t Come To Me In Autumn” have been in my repertoire for a long time and now I’ve added a third – “Autumn Leaves».

Intuition was the main drive during the making of the music video: “We got in cars and drove aimlessly hoping to find a suitable location for filming. In many places the leaves were still green and there was no evidence of the mood encoded in the song.  While driving on the windy roads that took us through the forests and meadows of Krimulda region, we suddenly came to a stop at a random country house. It was perfect for the song! The exceptionally beautiful and bright staghorn sumac together with the stone wall overgrown with vines created a perfect oasis for making a music video.  We met Rasma – the sincere and lovely owner of the house. She gave us her blessing and a music video was created in this special place. Thank you, Rasma!”

“Autumn Leaves” was recorded both in Latvian and Russian in “Wolk Recording Studios”. Produced by Aleksandrs Volks and Oriole. Music video created by Kaspars Kambars. Costumes designed by “Public Makes Image”. Make-up artist – Anita Intaite.

Katrīna Gupalo’s upcoming concerts: Culture Palace “Ziemeļblāzma” – October 30, Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga – November 20 and December 12, Concert Venue “Zeit” in Līgatne – November 28 and December 26. All concerts will be held in accordance with guidelines related to the spread of Covid-19.

Photo by Jānis Škapars

MEL editor

MEL editor

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